Recommended Reads

This is a collection of my favorite talks / articles / books.

Some of these insipired me deeply or helped me to become a better game designer.

There are a lot of brilliant designers out there - thank you so much for sharing your knowledge .

(I will add stuff over time)

Rational Game Design

A good read about Rational Game Design - written by Chris McEntee.

This is a general pattern on how Ubisoft designs their games - which is highly scientific and is applicable to all kinds of games. It makes daily work easier for the whole team.

I learned about this during the Ubisoft Design Academy and this talk awesomely refreshes my knowledge on it. 

Approaching design

If somebody is my role model - it is Jason VandenBerghe.

He gave a talk about how to approach established IPs during the GDCE conference.  This talk is not only funny and entertaining - at it's core, it delivers a very good message:


"Become a fan - Find a master - Embrace your constraints".


This means a lot to me. Since then I approach every game with this credo in my heart ... I become a huge otaku about everything regardig the genre, write with people in forums, talk to hardcore players,  and so on.

Thank you for this - it is a significant boost why I love my job.