Where I feel at home

  • Creating games from scratch
  • System design / Feature design
  • Tutorials / Onboarding / Player Experience

Where I am out of my comfort zone

  • In depth Balancing - numbers are great, I prefer collaboration with an Expert


  • German - native
  • English - fluent


  • Favorite documentation tools - Confluence Wiki / Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Favorite visualization tools  - Photoshop and Balsamiq 
  • Most used project tool - Jira 
  • Most used version control - SVN
  • Most used engine - Unity
  • Always happy to find or learn new tools, am open for everything 

Games I play 

  • Whatever I work with - a lot of F2P games like Everdale Homescapes, Klondike
  • Spending hours into AAA console games - recently Back 4 Blood, Deathloop
  • Big fan of indie game - recently Spiritfarer, Disco Elysium
  • Board games are awesome - all time favorite is Gloomhaven, waiting for Frosthaven
  • Favorite game ever - probably Fable 2, still waiting for a remaster

Game Design is fantastic

  • Am always happy to show career starters how cool it is to work in the games industry 
  • Love hosting kids or student days / doing panel discussions / or interviews